Reporter Gets Cute Reply From Beyoncé’s Mom After Sneaking Song Titles Into Traffic Update

Philadelphia reporter Sheila Watko said she would "NEVER recover" from catching Tina Knowles' attention.

A Philadelphia reporter who added a little flair to a traffic report by peppering it with Beyoncé references has gotten a lot of attention ― including from the pop star’s mother.

“Thank you, Bill. I always appreciate it when you ‘Say My Name,’” began the Tuesday segment from reporter Sheila Watko. “Now if you’re just waking up, I hope you had some ‘Sweet Dreams’ ... but traffic is getting ‘Heated’ and it’s starting to ‘Break My Soul’ just a little bit.”

Watko kept the song allusions flying fast and managed to get 15 into the less than two-minute segment, which she pulled off without a script or teleprompter.

While the traffic report won Watko a lot of new fans online, likely none were as exciting as Beyoncé’s own mother, Tina Knowles. Knowles posted a clip of the segment on Instagram, writing that it was “Soo cool!”

Watko responded enthusiastically Friday on Twitter.

“I will NEVER recover from Ms. Tina posting my Beyoncé traffic report to her IG yesterday,” adding an emoji she said represented “me fainting.”

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