Beyonce Voting: Singer Posts Photo Of Filled-Out Absentee Ballot (PHOTO)


Beyonce upheld her civic duty and voted in the presidential election. We know this because the superstar singer posted a photo of her absentee ballot to her Tumblr.

We have a pretty good idea of who she voted for given that she and husband Jay-Z hosted a fundraiser earlier this year for President Obama, and there's the letter of support she also posted to her website on Nov. 5.

We have to give Beyonce props for taking the time to vote, but posting the photo of her filled-out ballot could be illegal. Plenty of celebrities and regular folks alike have been posting evidence that they voted, but depending on the state it could be a big no-no.

Beyonce is registered to vote in Texas, where the law "expressly prohibits all recording inside the polling place." Since Bey only shared a photo of her absentee ballot, we're not quite sure if that was legal or not.

beyonce voting

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