Beyonce's Cravings: 'Bananas In Ketchup'

Beyonce's Cravings: 'Bananas In Ketchup'

Babyonce, SashaFetus -- news of Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby sparked memes and a Twitter frenzy when the couple announced their pregnancy at the MTV VMAs, but now the pop star's food cravings are writing the headlines. According to The Sun, Beyonce -- currently on a yacht cruise through Croatia and Italy with her husband -- has been indulging in food that reads like a visit to the junk food aisle at Costco gone horribly wrong: "Oreo biscuits and gherkins, Bounty ice creams with hot chili sauce and she loves dipping bananas in ketchup. For breakfast, she's been having croissants with melted Dime bars inside."

While Oreo biscuits and croissants with melted Dime bars don't sound too terrible (okay, maybe even street-fair-kind-of-good), bananas in ketchup is like a sick joke an older brother plays to his unsuspecting younger sister. Our two cents? Now is not a good time for Beyonce to hit her and Jay-Z's favorite pizza shop, Lucalli's, with topping suggestions for a signature pie.


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