Beyonce's 'Rise Up': New Song From 'Epic' Debuts

Beyonce's girl-power anthem from the animated movie "Epic" has arrived, offering a respite from the high-adrenaline tracks we've heard lately from Bey.

"Rise Up" is an inspirational ballad from "Epic," the movie that Beyonce also lends her spoken voice talents to as Queen Tara. And because it's Beyonce and fans are clawing at any details they can possibly obtain regarding her upcoming album, this soundtrack song is generating a hefty amount of buzz -- unlike Britney Spears' recent "Smurfs 2" effort, which leaked online and watched as interest seem to wane in less time than Spears' 55-hour marriage.

Whether "Rise Up" -- co-written by Sia and produced by Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe -- will appear on Beyonce's new album is, of course, yet to be seen. In the meantime, soak up the new song's positive vibes above.



Queen Bey!