What It's Like To Exist And Date Outside Of The Gender Binary

A new video explores.

What’s it like to navigate the world while embodying a gender identity that falls outside of a cisgender male/female binary?

While no experience is universal, these five people who all identify outside of the gender binary are opening up about their lives in a new video. Called “Beyond Binary,” the two-part series comes from Canadian queer news source Daily Xtra and seeks to create space for people who lack visibility in media.

“It’s important to create space for all people across the gender spectrum because everyone should be able to see themselves represented in the world,” Graeme Coleman, associate producer for Daily Xtra, told The Huffington Post. “There’s a validation that comes with visibility. We want this series to be a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the realities people face when they identify outside of the gender binary.”

The first episode of “Beyond Binary” (above) deals with dating at attraction, while the second focuses on the idea of representation. Check them out for yourselves and head here to see more from Daily Xtra.