Beyond Dakota: Pipelines To The Future

Beyond Dakota: Pipelines To The Future
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We are outraged that our government, an elected mafia, permits construction of a pipeline through sacred water. Yet the uncontrolled rape of nature becomes natural when millions of us in drafty houses need coal and gas to keep warm and cool; when we need oil to plow fields to plant food to feed cows; when we need gasoline for cars to take us shopping; when we need jet fuel to bomb nations to control fuels.

When government fails, solutions start where we live. Years ago, to protect nature, I decided not to make children, decided not to drive cars, decided not to eat animals, decided not to fight wars, decided not to watch TV or go shopping. I am rich instead in loving nature, making art, making friends, making revolution.

The revolution we need is the complete rebuilding of civilization toward balance with nature. It’s a vast orderly process that feeds and warms us without fossil fuels; delights us without shopping; heals us without pills; moves us without cars; protects us without wars; enriches us without dollars; fully employs us without destruction.

These books explain: “Los Angeles: A History of the Future” introduces essential design processes, “Deep Green Jobs” details 40,000,000 new roles, “How to Take Power” shows how we do it together.

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