Beyond Guantanamo

Today, over 125 prominent Americans, including former members of Congress, diplomats, federal judges and prosecutors, high-level military and government officials, and bar leaders, endorsed Beyond Guantanamo: A Bipartisan Declaration. Coordinated by the Constitution Project and Human Rights First, the Declaration represents the largest collection of policy experts yet to lend their voices to a responsible -- and constitutional -- plan to process the cases of suspected terrorist detainees held at the Guantanamo detention facility.

In light of President Obama's decision to shutter Guantanamo, the Declaration says that:

• terrorism suspects should be brought to trial rather than indefinitely detained without charge in most cases
• suspects should be tried in federal courts as opposed to military tribunals; and
• indefinite detention without charge undermines the United States' ability to promote human rights and its overall credibility abroad.

The Declaration is particularly timely as President Obama's deadline for closing Guantanamo nears. The Senate is also considering an amendment by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) that would block prosecution of the detainees in the federal courts. By contrast, the Declaration sets forth a plan for dealing with current and future suspected terrorists that keeps our country safe while at the same time respecting our treaty obligations and constitutional principles.

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