'Beyond Scared Straight': Inmate Preps David For A Kool-Aid Kiss (VIDEO)

One inmate on "Beyond Scared Straight" (Thu., 10 p.m. ET on A&E) took a rather unique approach to trying to "scare" the delinquent teens who came in. When he challenged 14-year-old David about his love of fighting, David defiantly admitted that he liked it.

So the inmate threw a packet of Kool-Aid at him and had him put some of it on his bottom lip. "Now I kiss you, you orange-flavored motherf*****," he said, leaning in toward the now clearly uncomfortable teen.

"That made me feel nasty," David said later. "Like I'm not gonna kiss you or do whatever because you don't own me." It's that same arrogant rebellion that got him into trouble, and made it clear that he still doesn't completely get what a different world prison can be.

While the debate over the effectiveness of these programs continues, it's certainly reaching a much larger audience now that it's televised. There's always the chance that even if the kids featured aren't "scared straight," maybe a viewer at home will be.

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