'Beyond the Mask' Is Adventure With a Message

Movie Review - Jackie K Cooper
Beyond the Mask (Burns Family Studios)

Beyond the Mask is not your typical fait- based film. It has a Christian message, but it is deep inside this tale of a man who was a hired assassin for the East India Company back in pre-Revolutionary days. His awareness of his past misdeeds and his attempt to gain redemption make up the heart of the movie. This is a true swash-buckling saga without the usual gore, sex and profanity. It is exciting and thrilling, but still solid family entertainment.

William Reynolds (Andrew Cheney) has made a career of doing the bidding of Charles Kemp (John Rhys-Davis) the head of the powerful East India Company, but now he is ready to leave that life behind him. This doesn't sit well with Kemp and he sends people to kill Reynolds. They don't kill him, but they do severely wound him. He is discovered by Charlotte Holloway (Kara Killmer) and she and her family nurse him back to heath.

A later turn of events finds him in Philadelphia becoming a friend of Benjamin Franklin (Alan Madiane). He also becomes a bit of a legend as a masked highwayman. Still, his main purpose in life is to atone for his past sins and to be worthy of the love he has found with Charlotte.

Beyond the Mask has some good special effects and a plot that holds the audiences interest from the start. The scenes in which Reynolds fights off multi-people attacking him are a little far fetched. He seems to be able to convince them to come after him one by one rather than as a group. Also when they shoot at him they rarely hit anywhere near him so he manages to evade capture easily.

Rhys-Davies' Kemp is a perfect evil foil for the redeemed Reynolds. Rhys-Davies gets so into his role that he is chewing up the scenery vehemently. The rest of the cast appears totally subdued in comparison. Cheney is a handsome hero but never quite pulls of the strength of character Reynolds has to develop. Killmer has moments of fun and enjoyment towards the end of the movie, but overall is a pretty bland heroine.

The movie is rated PG for violence.

Beyond the Mask is a film you can take your entire family to see. It has enough action to keep everyone interested and a moral message that is more subtle than heavy handed.

I scored Beyond the Mask a family friendly 5 out of 10.

Jackie K Cooper