Beyond the Tie: Unique Father's Day Gifts 2017

Beyond the Tie: Unique Father's Day Gifts 2017
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Dad’s tend to be incredibly hard to shop for and I’ve noticed over the last couple years that all Father’s Day gift suggestions have become overwhelmingly underwhelming. Unless your dad is the Great Gatsby himself, I’m really doubting he wants another tie for Father’s Day this year. No matter if your dad rocks socks and Tevas or a slacks and penny-loafers, here’s a some unique Dad’s day finds that go beyond the card:

For the boozin’ dad...

Fizzics Waytap
  • Beer Always on Tap—Bye-bye brewery tasting rooms! Let dad enjoy his favorite beers from the comfort of his home or on-the-go. The Fizzics Waytap is a portable gadget which will turn your dad’s favorite canned or bottled IPA, Pilsner, Stout, Porter, or Lager into a delicious draft beer. Thanks to Fizzics’ Micro-Foam technology, the Waytap dramatically improves the flavor, taste and mouth-feel of any carbonated beer. If your dad is a craft beer connoisseur, give him the gift of freshly tapped beer wherever he would like! ($129.99;
Wild Turkey Bourbon
  • Some Stellar Bourbon—If your dad is a no-frills, drink-it-straight kind of guy, then he will love the smooth yet spicy balance that comes with a bottle of Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye (104 proof/ 52% alc./vol). This rye is non-chill filtered and delivers a balance of pepper, vanilla, caramel, and tobacco flavors. From the makers of Wild Turkey, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye was hand crafted by father/son duo and master distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell, making it a quite fitting and well rounded (in taste and story) Father’s Day gift. ($61.99;
Coravin Wine System
  • Never Waste Wine—If dad is a wine aficionado, he would absolutely love the Coravin Wine Preservation Opener with premium Coravin Capsules. Coravin uses proprietary patented technology which allows wine enthusiasts to enjoy wine sealed with corks without having to commit to the entire bottle. This means dad can enjoy a taste, a full pour, or more of the wine of his choice without having to remove the cork. After he is done, the bottle will continue to evolve naturally and can be enjoyed later since it was never exposed to oxygen. With unparalleled craftsmanship and design this device will allow dad to explore wines of any vintage, varietal, or region at his leisure, one taste at a time. ($199.95-$499.95;
Clase Azul
  • Top-Notch Tequila—If your dad is the kind of guy that only enjoys the finest of liquors on the market, he will surely be impressed by Clase Azul’s Reposado Tequila. Clase Azul is an ultra luxury spirit and the Reposado is known for its superior taste and incredibly beautiful handmade decanter. This Reposado is well rested and incredibly smooth as is aged in used American oak barrels for an astounding eight months after going through a distillation process. The stunning decanter is made from ultra-high quality white ceramic and each one is painted by hand by artisans in the Clase Azul bottling facility. Dad will be sure to hold onto the gorgeous and iconic bottle long after the delicious tequila inside is gone. ($99.99;
Home Wet Bar
  • The World of Whiskey—Allow dad to have to world at his fingertips as he enjoys his favorite spirits. The Rolling Globe Rocks glasses are emblazoned with a map of the world and are incredibly beautiful. Each glass features a unique shape which holds 8 oz and spins easily spins on a rolling base so no matter how tipsy dad gets, he’ll never break his glass! (2 for $29.95;
Hydro Flask
  • A Great Growler—If dad wants to take freshly tapped beer on-the-go, utilizing a Hydro Flask Growler is his best bet. These awesome growlers will keep his lagers, ciders, IPAs, and pale ales carbonated and cold for 24 hours thanks to Hydro Flasks trademarked Fresh Carry System and TempShield double wall insulation. As the first stainless steel growler on the market, Hydro Flask did it right with a streamlined handle for an easy one-handed pour. They come in 32 oz and 64 oz and Hydro Flask even offers pint size cups, so dad’s beer can stay well-insulated and icy cool down to the very last sip. (32 oz for $44.95;

For the meat lovin’ dad...

Butcher Box
  • Monthly Meats—What’s better than the gift that keeps on giving? The ButcherBox offers a monthly subscription service which delivers a one-of-a-kind curated selection of 100% grass-fed beef from trusted farmers, free range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork right to his door on his schedule every month. Each box comes with 8 - 11 lbs of antibiotic and hormone free meat which is enough for 21-25 meals and is delivered in eco-friendly packaging with recipes included. ($129 per month ($6 per meal),
Harry & David
  • A Sampling of Sausages—If your dad is a fan of gourmet cuisine he will absolutely love the Harry & David Sausage Sampler. This features a selection of fully cooked, high-quality sausage from four distinct styles of cuisine: an Andouille sausage, a coarse-grained pork Cajun bratwurst crafted with garlic, pepper, wine, onions, and spices; Italian-style pork sausage which are seasoned with a spice blend that includes fennel and anise; chicken cordon bleu sausage; and pork chedder jalapeño sausage which is made with real grated cheddar cheese, minced jalapeño, and garlic. This decadent sampler includes four links of each flavor. ($49.99;
New York Prime Beef
  • The Finest Steak Selection—If your dad is a true steak connoisseur and you want to get him nothing but the finest this Father’s Day, New York Prime Beef is the way to go. New York Prime Beef’s bone-in New York Strip, A5 Kobe, American Wagyu, Porterhouse, and T-Bone are all dry-aged for at least 28 days or custom “aged to order” in their state of the art temperature-controlled dry aging facility in the Bronx. Each box of steak is shipped fresh, never frozen with guaranteed free, overnight shipping anywhere in the U.S. These steaks are truly phenomenal and your meat-loving dad will not be disappointed. ($150-$1,000;

For the dapper dad...

Steel HR
  • Keep Track in Style—If your dad is the kind of guy who likes to keep in shape but does not want to sacrifice style, Steel HR would be right up his alley. Steel HR is the first activity tracker with heart rate and sleep monitoring to offer an insanely long-lasting battery life of 25 days, all housed in an uber-sleek classic watch style, perfect for transitioning from the gym to the office. It offers several super-convenient features including the ability to stay connected with smartphone notifications that appear right on the watch screen and water resistance so dad can rock it while swimming. The Steel HR brings the convenience and utility of an activity tracker, with the class and sophistication of a nice analog watch. ($179.95-$199.95;
  • A Year-Round Clean Shave—Nothing says dapper like a perfect shave and now you have the opportunity to give your dad the gift of fresh razor blades year-round. Gillette on Demand is a subscription service which allows for on demand, as-needed ordering, or a fully customizable subscription. With text to re-order options or a regular subscription with $3 off your first order plus every fourth order of blades for free, Gillette on Demand is as convenient as can be. Side note: not only is the Gillette On Demand service the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Gillette went the extra mile to celebrate the father/son relationship this year with this awesome video. Check it out! ($8 and up;

For the stay-at-home dad...

  • The Ultimate Allergen Vacuum—Whether dad has to clean up after the kids or after the big game viewing party, RAYCOP’s RS2 allergen vacuum is the perfect tool for giving peace of mind on the home front as it eliminates dangerous allergens and parasites that are hiding in plain sight. While dad may not realize it as Junior crawls around on the floor, there are millions of hidden critters, known as dust mites (along with their fecal matter), lurking around in every household. The RAYCOP RS2 contains a dual filtration system proven to capture 99.9% of common allergens. In addition, the combination of UV light technology, suction and pulsating pads effectively extracts potentially harmful microorganisms and outdoor pollutants, leaving home fabrics sanitized unlike any other product on the market. ($350;
  • A Techy Trash Can—Who knew there was trash can you don’t have to touch?! simplehuman’s sensor can with motion control ensures a smarter, easier and cleaner way to throw away trash. Unlike your typical trash can, the sensor cans open immediately and automatically by simply approaching it. So for the master griller dad, getting rid of those raw meat wrappers is an easy and sanitary job with the semi-round sensor can. Additionally, the sensor can also includes a built-in liner pocket for a faster liner change and the nano-silver clear coat protects the stainless steel from fingerprints and germs. All these factors in this sleek, modern trash can will help dads enjoy a luxurious and mess-free life in the kitchen. ($150;
  • The Nicest of Knives—Nothing is more important to a dad who likes to cook than a nice set of professional knives. The Sabatier 12 Piece Edgekeeper Pro Block Set features awesome chef, slicer, santoku, utility, pairing, and steak knives. What’s even more cool is that there is sharpeners built into the block of each slot so the knives get sharpened with every use! The knives are expertly crafted from superior quality high-carbon stainless steel, with forged triple riveted handles that are perfectly weighted and balanced for optimal control. 12 piece set includes every knife dad will need. ($100,

For the traveling dad...

  • A Collapsible Carry-On—Nothing is more important for a dad who is constantly on-the-go than excellent luggage and the Barracuda Collapsible Carry-On is so much more than a simple suitcase. Not only can it easily transform from a rugged hard side carry-on to a compact collapsed folded state for easy storage, the Barracuda features an included laptop tray, location tracking, a swivel ergonomic handle, a built-in TSA approved locking system, and even a USB charger. The Barracuda will be sure to amaze dad this Father’s Day. ($349;
The Stationary Studio
  • The Personalized Weekender Bag—If your dad is more of a weekend vacationer, The Stationery Studio offers an awesome Personalized Navy Trimmed Weekender Bag. The large canvas bag features a zip closure, three inner pocks, gorgeous leather handles, and a shoulder strap To add a personal touch, you can have dad’s initials or name embroidered on the side in the thread color of your choice. This bag will keep dad traveling in style! ($126.95;
  • A Full Charge On-the-Go—If your dad can’t live without his devices or is living in the stone age with an iPhone 5 with a constantly dying battery, the FLIPSTICK by TYLT is a must. This compact, rechargeable 3,350 mAh battery pack provides one full charge for your smart phone and features a built-in micro-USB, Lightning, or Type-C connector and a USB cable for recharging. The FLIPSTICK is the perfect all in one mobile charging solution for the dad on the go and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either! ($39.99;
  • For Service Anywhere—My favorite kind of gifts are the ones that are incredibly useful and that the giftee would never have thought of. The Skyroam is no exception on my list of favorites for travelers. Skyroam is a personal WiFi hotspot that enables travelers to keep their gadgets connected in over 100 countries. Amazingly enough, Skyroam's patented virtual SIM (vSIM) technology automatically connects his device to local carriers to enable seamless and secure unlimited data access for mobile devices. This makes it super easy for dads to connect with the kids and family back home when traveling abroad for business. With Skyroam, dad will no longer have to deal with expensive roaming fees, or the hassle of switching out SIMs, unlocking phones, or swapping rentals in each country he steps foot in. ($124.99;
MeCam NeoMe
  • A Go-Anywhere Camera—For the outdoor adventurist dad in your life, an awesome action camera is a must and the MeCam NeoMe will give dad all the features he wants without breaking the bank. As the smallest and lightest camera on the market, it is ultimately versatile. It features four standard mounts including a waterproof case that is compatible with all third party action camera mounts and captures crisp HD resolution (full 1080P and 8MP). With a fully integrated smart phone app and wide angle options, the MeCam NeoMe is truly an all-in-one action cam! ($149.99;
Altec Lansing
  • An Everything-Proof Speaker—If your dad is a music enthusiast and appreciates excellent audio quality, he will love the Altec Lansing LifeJacket XL. This ultra-rugged speaker features an IP67 rating, is shockproof, and even floats for the dad who loves pool, lake, and beach vacations. On top of that, on House Party mode; the LifeJacket XL can pair with up to 50 other Altec speakers and will keep dad’s tunes blasting from up to 100-ft wireless range for up to 40 hours. ($199.99;

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