26 BFF Halloween Costumes That Go Together Like Netflix And Chill

Best friends that dress up together stay together?

Thing 1 needs her Thing 2. One blind mouse needs her other two counterparts. And, really, what’s Netflix without Chill?

While lots of romantic couples embrace Halloween costume coordination, we’re even bigger fans of the bestie costume ― especially when that bestie costume is something that you can make without spending a fortune on an outfit you’ll never wear again. (RIP the angel wings that will forever live on the top shelf of your closet.)

We’ve rounded up 26 great costumes that are not only totally adorable, but are also pretty simple to put together ― with the help of your BFF.

Strawberry And Pineapple

We found this on Pinterest #fernandkoz 10/29/15

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We'll take any excuse to wear an oversized t-shirt as an outfit.
Sushi Chef And Nigiri

| My lil' nigiri 🎎🍣 { #Halloween #SushiChef #Sushi #Nigiri #Costume #Homemade }

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That sushi pillow looks good enough to eat.
Three Blind Mice

Pc: My mom Edit cred: @e_m_i_l_y_g #halloween2014 #halloweenbesties #3blindmice #gotahugecandyhaul

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All you really need for this one is mouse ears, sunglasses and a cane -- plus two lady friends.
Spinelli And Gretchen From "Recess"

Rewind to Recess! Gretchen and Spinelli. HAPPY HALLOWEEN #halloween2015 #recess #gretchen #spinelli #bffcostumes

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The perfect '90s throwback.
A Pair Of Mimes
For the besties who have too many striped shirts in their closets.
The Twins From 'The Shining'

#comeplaywithus #happyhalloween #diy #yup #gradytwins #nobutreallycomeplaywithus#mvpeppinos @bourgeoisveronica

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Matching dresses? Check. Matching terrifying stare of death? Check.
Beyonce And Nicki Minaj

Lol 🎈

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Bow down to BFFs.
Wrap yourself in tulle, add a rubber ducky and voila!
Piglet, Pooh And Tigger
If you're in a quartet of besties, just add Eeyore!
Party Animals
Courtesy of Emma Gray
All you need is onesies, party hats, face paint and a feeling of PURE JOY.
Sugar Skulls
If you have some serious face-painting skills, this costume is for you.
Retirement Home Pals
BFFs who dress up together stay together -- until the bitter end.
Thelma And Louise

I know it's crazy, but I feel like I got a knack for this shit #thelmaandlouise

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A costume any movie buff will recognize, plus you can probably throw it together with things that are already in your closet.
Ice Cream And Cotton Candy
These costumes are basically your ballerina fairy princess toddler dreams + a paper cone headpiece.
Thing 1 And Thing 2
A Dr. Seuss classic.
Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro
We especially appreciate the gender bending going on here.
Blair And Serena From "Gossip Girl"
Happy Halloween, Upper East siders.
Dionne And Cher From "Clueless"
Total Bettys.
Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, oh my! (And all you need to DIY for this one is a white felt whipped cream dollop, attached to a headband.)
Netflix And Chill
Be Netflix and Chill, and then go home and actually watch Netflix and chill.
Holy Cow And Oh Deer
Puns + level 2 face paint = a winning costume combo.
Alex Vause And Piper Chapman From "Orange Is The New Black"
For the friends who would go to prison for each other.
A Pack Of Highlighters
See? Leggings are pants.
DayQuil And NyQuil
Pair your most energized friend with your sleepiest friend for this one.
Cookie Monster And His Cookie

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