Broke Girls Guide Weekender

This weekend looks like it'll provide for more than one opportunity to live up our youth, being that it includes Cinco de Mayo, MC Hammer, the Kentucky Derby, and a Mexican wrestling/burlesque show. Here goes...
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This week has been moving so slowly that we feel as though we'll be as old as the Queen Mother by the time tomorrow finally rolls around. Luckily, we're a bit more in the age ballpark of her granddaughter-in-law, Ms. Kate Middleton, which means we still have a lot of life left to enjoy (albeit, sans royal titles, vast fortunes, or the public's undying adoration). Ramblings aside, this weekend looks as though it'll provide for more than one opportunity to live up our youth, being that it includes Cinco de Mayo, MC Hammer, the Kentucky Derby and a Mexican wrestling/burlesque show. Here goes...


To get you in the mood for Saturday's Cinco de Mayo festivities, begin your weekend with a salsa-making class in Santa Monica. Tickets are $15 (margaritas included!). Afterward, pop on over to Abbot Kinney for First Fridays.

If you're one of those people who thinks that traveling to the westside is an experience just short of flying economy to Hong Kong, head downtown instead for The Los Angeles Music Video Festival (especially if you, like some of us, harbor secret dreams of becoming a music video director that are leftover from the days when MTV played them 24/7). If that sounds a little too mellow for you, sign up instead for some Mexican wrestling/burlesque via Lucha Va Voom at The Mayan. Tickets are scarce, so happy hunting! We also recommend a little hipster happiness via First Fridays at the Natural History Museum or, if you're still bummed you didn't get tickets to Coldplay (or you just love this band), swing by the Greek to catch a show by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. At some point in the night, grab a bite at the new Two Boots pizza downtown.


We've already given you a full day's worth of activities revolving around Cinco de Mayo celebrations. If you're still not satisfied, it's worth noting that the very un-Mexican Rush St. is also offering some pretty stellar Cinco deals, that Santa Monica is playing host to a full-on fiesta, and that you can get Patron-inspired chocolates as early as 8 a.m. on Saturday morning.

If you hate really fun things and would prefer to do things that are fun but just slightly less so than drinking tequila midday, we suggest you start your day at The Vintage Fashion Expo in Santa Monica. If you're still mourning Coachella and you feel like driving to Irvine, head to the KROQ Weenie Roast (featuring Coldplay, Incubus & more). Tickets are upwards of $75, but this is still a bargain compared to the $100+ Coldplay has been going for at the Hollywood Bowl this week. Later, keep the music going with an MC Hammer show at Club Nokia. Tickets are $4, which makes us want to weep a little -- poor MC! If that's too depressing for you, get some ever-so-slightly more civilized entertainment by catching a performance by Synapse Dance Theater, a contemporary dance ensemble, in Santa Monica.

Saturday also happens to be the Kentucky Derby -- look for tips on throwing the perfect Southern soiree in honor of the event in tomorrow's Broke Girl's Guide email.


If you avoided tequila on Saturday or are made of steel (read: under the age of 25), start your morning off with the Miles for Melanoma Run/Walk at Universal Studios. Afterward, head back over the hill to raid The Vintage Fashion Expo if you were too hopped up on margaritas to make it there on Saturday. It's going to be a gorgeous day on Sunday, so why not take the opportunity to get some pointers on your beach volleyball game via this workshop? Afterward, lounge on the beach with your 50 Shades of Grey, or, if your reading level is above that of a fifth grader, try reading along with Elizabeth Banks' book club -- we got a chance to hear her speak earlier this week at the Lucky Mag FABB Conference, and she's one rad chick. When you've had enough sun, grab a lobster roll at Blue Plate Oysterette. Afterward, catch a 7:30 p.m. screening of the buzzed-about film ELLES, starring Juliette Binoche at The Nuart Theater.

If you are hungover on Sunday, try one of the Seis de Mayo specials we told you about yesterday, or check out Taste of the Eastside. Afterward, put on your fat pants and catch up on Revenge, Vampire Diaries, The B--- in Apt 2b, GCB or whatever may be your favorite guilty pleasure TV show de jour.

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