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Bibimbap Recipes That Put All Other Comfort Foods To Shame (PHOTO)

And it comes in a piping hot stone bowl.

We're big fans of comfort food -- we've eaten more grilled cheese sandwiches than we care to admit -- which is why we love bibimbap. It gives us all the comfort of a bowl of mac and cheese, with the added bonus of not putting us into a food coma.

It's the simplicity of bibimbap that makes it so special. This typical Korean dish is made up of nothing more than a bowl of white rice, topped with seasoned vegetables, and a chile pepper paste. It's also sometimes accompanied with an egg and thin slices of meat. That's it.

Yet somehow, when it all comes together, it tastes like the type of comfort food we've always wanted without even knowing it. Maybe it's the perfect bits of crisp golden rice mixed into the bowl. Maybe it's the piping hot stone bowl it's served in. Or maybe it's all the chile paste we can liberally add in. We're not sure, but we know you'll like it.

Quinoa Bibimbap
Queen of Quinoa
Get the Quinoa Bibimbap recipe by Queen of Quinoa
Beef Bibimbap
Sort and Paper
Get the Beef Bibimbap recipe by Sort and Paper
Spring Vegetarian Bibimbap
A Beautiful Day
Get the Spring Vegetarian Bibimbap recipe by A Beautiful Day
Rainbow Bibimbap
The Pasta Man/Food52
Get the Rainbow Bibimbap recipe by The Pasta Man via Food52
Baked Tofu Bibimbap
Get the Baked Tofu Bibimbap recipe by Macheesmo
Beef Short Rib Bibimbap
Lana Layton
Get the Beef Short Rib Bibimbap recipe by Fresh Beats, Fresh Eats via Food52

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