Guy On A Bicycle Backflips Four Times For One Crazy Record

Perhaps you took your bicycle out for a spin last weekend. But did you consider attempting a quadruple backflip on it?

Probably not, because you have an instinct for bodily preservation.

The daredevils in this insanely viral video posted Sunday by the Nitro Circus operate on a whole different level. They vied to become the first person to complete a quadruple backflip on a BMX bike. By completing we mean landing successfully on two wheels after going airborne from a giant ramp.

We don't think we're giving too much away by letting you know that New Zealand's Jed Mildon set the record. Watching these guys battle to be the first is most of the fun.

Mildon, a pro stunt rider from New Zealand, fielded many congratulations on his Facebook page. One visitor wrote that he performed "like a God."

Mildon responded: "Thanks heaps everyone! It means a lot!"



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