The New York Daily News And AP Just Got Trolled By A Parody Twitter Account

We get it, it's a 24-hour news cycle, and we need traffic!

So what happens when a mysterious white flag replaces the American flag on top of the Brooklyn Bridge? If you're The Grey Lady, you might ask questions and call up police departments to search for an answer, remaining cautious.

If you're everyone else, meh, why not use a random Twitter profile as a primary source?


The New York Daily News first "reported" that a group calling itself the Bicycle Lobby took credit for the mysterious white flag. On Twitter, the group wrote:


The only problem? It's a painfully obvious parody account.

The Associated Press also fell for it.


Both The Daily News and the Associated Press have now backtracked after reporting the tweet, but we're still waiting for a correction, you goofs.

Well, technically the story had three bylines, so three?

But as the Bike Lobby points out, anyone could have fallen for this subtle parody account.