Biden Campaign Releases New Ad Courting Nikki Haley Voters

The ad features Donald Trump insulting Haley and saying he doesn't need her supporters' votes.

President Joe Biden’s campaign is attempting to lure in Nikki Haley voters, telling them in a new ad that Donald Trump “doesn’t want your vote.”

The 30-second spot released Friday makes its case with comments straight from Trump, the presumed Republican nominee for president.

“I’m not sure we need too many,” Trump says of Haley voters in one of the ad’s clips. He made that comment in January when a reporter asked him about bringing her supporters over to his side in the general election.

“I don’t need votes. We have all the votes we need,” Trump says in another clip pulled from an event earlier this month.

The ad also features a January post from Trump on Truth Social, in which he says Haley voters “will be permanently barred from the MAGA camp.”

The ad is peppered with moments Trump insulted Haley, calling her “birdbrain” and “a very angry person” who’s “gone crazy” and “haywire.”

Haley, who emerged as Trump’s biggest challenger for the GOP nomination, dropped out of the race earlier this month after failing to win any primaries, except for Washington, D.C.’s and Vermont’s. The former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador has not endorsed Trump.

The Biden campaign may be onto something with its overture to Haley supporters. In the crucial swing state of Ohio, an ABC News exit poll found earlier this month that nearly half of Haley voters say they’d back Biden in November. Until Biden disrupted the trend in 2020, no presidential candidate since 1960 has won the general election without winning Ohio.

Nationwide polling on Haley voters looks good for Biden, too. An Emerson College poll earlier this month found that 63% of Haley voters now support Biden, compared to just 27% breaking for Trump.

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