Biden Hennessy Ad Campaign Forced Off The Air: Onion News (VIDEO)

Parodying the recent events of PETA and Weatherproof featuring the Michelle and Barack Obama in ad campaigns without their permission, which have upset the White House, the Onion News Network is humorously reporting that Vice President Joe Biden had come under fire for volunteering to star in a racy ad campaign for the liquor company Hennessy.

The company "sought to link Hennessy to the Vice President's suave, original personality. Biden's sly trademark grin and international Playboy status made him the perfect face for the luxury brand."

A Hennessy representative said "Biden was great to work with. We really just put a camera on him and let him do his thing.

Biden's spokesman confirmed that the Vice President would withdraw from the ad campaign, but insisted Biden never thought there would be such outcry over the ads in the first place.

The Vice President gave this statement to the New York Times: "I had a blast working on that slick project with all those classy heads. Biden was definitely in the building."

Hennessy: Sensual. Powerful. Biden.