Biden Joins Trump's Truth Social Site 'Because We Thought It Would Be Very Funny'

The first post read, "Well. Let’s see how this goes. Converts welcome!”

It looks President Joe Biden may be able to do something Donald Trump couldn’t: get people to join the former president’s Truth Social platform.

Biden’s presidential campaign announced Monday that it would be joining Truth Social in order to “[meet] voters where they are,” a Biden campaign official told Fox News.

The spokesperson added: “Republicans can’t even agree on a speaker of the House, so clearly, not every Republican thinks the same.”

Although the campaign plans to use its new Truth Social presence to combat misinformation, there’s another reason the campaign signed up. It admitted on X, formerly Twitter, that it joined Trump’s social network site “mostly because we thought it would be very funny.”

The first post from @BidenHQ read: “Well. Let’s see how this goes. Converts welcome!”

Biden’s campaign has already made several posts, some which feature Republican politicians such as Sen. Tim Scott (S.C.), former UN ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz criticizing or disagreeing with Trump.

“We will be leveraging the fact that Republicans can sometimes be our best messengers,” a campaign official told Fox News.

This is in keeping with the president’s previous social media push, which took statements from Republicans like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and turned them into campaign ads.

Although Trump probably won’t appreciate the trolling, it could attract more eyeballs to the platform, which has been having financial difficulties in recent weeks, according to Newsweek.

Truth Social celebrates its second anniversary on Friday, but only has about 2 million active users, compared to 450 million for X and 2.91 billion for Facebook, according to Search Logistics.

The news that Biden was joining Trump’s social media network attracted a lot of interest on X.

At least one person expressed support for Biden’s plan, but had no desire to follow him to the platform.

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