Biden's Cheesesteak: VP Orders "Whiz, Widout" At Pat's Steaks (PHOTOS)

Biden's Cheesesteak: VP Orders "Whiz, Widout" At Pat's Steaks (PHOTOS)

The vice president visited Philadelphia landmark and famous cheesesteak destination Pat's King of Steaks (or, Pat's Steaks) this afternoon with U.S. Rep. Robert A. Brady (D., 1st District PA), his wife, Debra, and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. The vice president ordered his cheesesteak as "Whiz, widout" -- aka with Cheese Whiz and without onions.

From the pool report:

[Congressman] Brady stood at the window to order sandwiches for himself and Biden. ... Brady gave him whole hot peppers on the side, which Biden did not eat. Debra Brady and Nutter watched as the congressman and veep ate. Biden scarfed down the whole sandwich. Brady gave away part of his to a kid in the crowd.

Biden remembered that as a law student at Syracuse he used to come home to Delaware. He'd buy a load of cheesesteaks, wrap them in foil, take them back to school, and sell them for "three times as much."

When asked how Obama liked his cheesesteak, Biden joked, "President Obama doesn't know steaks at all," alluding to the president's Chicago origins, while Biden's home state of Delaware neighbors Pennsylvania.

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