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Biden's Gaffes and Second Guessing Continue to Hurt Obama

Joe Biden was a bad choice from the beginning. The man is "bitter and angry." Biden spoke his mind during the primary, when he stated that Obama was not ready to be president and that the presidency was no place for on the job training. If that didn't tip Obama off, what will?
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Tell me it aint so, Joe!

We all knew it was just a matter of time, well the time has come. Two weeks before the election and the green eyed monster that lives within the weeds of Biden's hair plugs, has reared its ugly head. Joe Biden is like an ugly step child who sets fires just to get his real parent's attention. He ran for President twice and got nowhere, and just when he finally has one foot in the oval office, and not for a bipartisan photo op, he undermines the navigation of the ship he's riding on. Not once, but twice, over the weekend, Joe Biden brought up his suspicion about Obama's readiness. "Mark my words...They're going to test him...He's going to need help."

One would think the Obama campaign would've learn something about fundraiser slip ups, from the top of the ticket's, "bitter" comments. The GOP has jumped all over Biden's chest pounding speech, like a virgin at Sing Sing. Even Sarah Palin, whos obvious shortcomings would be no match for any "crisis" has weighed in with her usual snarky zeal. Where were the Obama operatives when Biden was channeling Nostradamus?

The weekend started out with an attention grabbing tour; he did Leno, then Ellen, where he re-iterated how much he didn't want to be VP, "The VP doesn't do much," he said. Then it was off to Oregon, where in an effort to convince himself more than anyone else that he will be an integral component to an Obama presidency, he went on to extol his qualifications, "I know these guys since they were young Parliamentarians..." He then recited his quatrain which describes how Obama will be tested in the first six months of his presidency, but we needn't worry because Biden, the older wiser more experienced hand, would be there to guide the "young man."

Haven't we seen this kind of selfish egocentric spotlight hungry cry for help confront Obama before? I believe it was in Philadelphia when Obama spoke so movingly about not being able to disavow the first man who who nearly derailed his campaign. Fortunately, he'd banked enough electoral votes at that point, that Clinton couldn't surpass his lead. Senator Obama is now at a juncture where he's faced with another test, does he look like a wimp as he did when he couldn't kick Rev. Wright to curb, or does he "gird his loins" as "Joe the clairvoyant" suggests and give him his marching orders. Of course he can't kick him off the ticket now but he can tell him STFU.

Joe Biden was a bad choice from the beginning. The man is "bitter and angry." He, like his "good friend" John McCain, can't believe he was usurped by a "clean cut" Black guy. I'm curious what kind of vetting Obama did of Biden. How many times did they have a heart to heart to see where Biden's allegiance lies. Biden spoke his mind during the primary, when he stated that Barack was not ready to be President and that the Presidency was no place for on the job training. If that didn't tip Obama off what will?

Once Biden was on the ticket he started second guessing and criticizing his running mate, like when said, "If I knew about the commercial on McCain being out of touch," it wouldn't have run. Who's running this campaign? More importantly, whose team is Joe Biden cheer leading for? It appears that he's a teammate of his fellow grumpy old man.

After the Shite hit the fan, the Obama team seem ill-equipped to handle inquiries. I said it before, I guess I'll have to say it again, the Obama campaign needs attractive fluid speakers not these sweaty bald brow spokesmen and trembling unsteady spokeswoman who stumble over themselves with the same talking points. This morning Stephanie Cutter, appeared on FOX to address this recent Biden foot in mouthitis, and her voice quivered and quaked as if she was caught stealing from the collection plate, she did the same thing on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews yesterday. Robert Gibbs didn't fair any better on "Morning Joe," this morning.

For a campaign that has been disciplined about guarding against leaks and dissension in the ranks and has run a superb campaign tactically, they come up short when it comes to effective spokespeople. When things go wrong, like when Hillary Clinton came out swinging and produced Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers during the primary, they appear unsteady and deer in headlights-ish. For all the praise Obama has received for his eloquence, why can't he find spokespeople to his equal?

Two weeks out and there's not one advocate for Obama who can simply say, "Joe Biden's wild prognostications was just conjecture and in no way reflects the reality of what may happen, but rest assured if "tested," President Obama is prepared to address it in the same manner he's addressed and triumphed over all the challenges he has faced in his 47 years."

Note to Obama, don't take as long to snuff out this smoldering blaze as you did with Rev. Wright. Nearly a billion dollars of other people's money and dreams are at stake.