Big Ang Is Back In 'Miami Monkey' With A Bar And Babes - Who Hate Lingerie And Love Bikinis (VIDEO)

Big Ang is back with a new show, and a new location. The premiere of "Miami Monkey" follows the star of "Mob Wives" and "Big Ang" as she heads south to open a bar in South Beach, Florida. And Big Ang is taking the name of the bar -- also Miami Monkey -- very literally.

“I got them all very sexy uniforms. Hot, hot, hot!” Ang said proudly. She showed her staff their new uniforms, which was basically lingerie with bustiers and monkey tails. But the look wasn't as big of a hit with some of the girls as Ang expected.

“I’m not dressing like a hooker," insisted Ryan, her bartender.

“You know, Gabby and Ryan are making a big f*cking deal about these uniforms," Ang said. "What, they think I brought them down here for their brains?”

She did come up with a solution that satisfied the women. If they didn't like the lingerie, she provided them with bikinis instead, and this was somehow completely satisfactory. Over at VH1, Kate Spencer promised that the uniform drama is just the beginning. She said that every moment of this new show -- in true Big Ang fashion -- will be "insane."

Celebuzz's Scott Bernberg is convinced already. "This is reality TV at its most fun," he wrote. "Come on – we don’t watch reality TV to learn about the political issues of the world. We watch to have a blast – and 'Miami Monkey' brings you weekly doses of Big Ang, Miami Beach, the nightlife scene and so much more. How can anyone pass that up?”

Keep up with all the wild fun at "Miami Monkey" every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.

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