'The Big Bang Theory': Buzz Aldrin Helps Howard Realize He's Talking Too Much About Space (VIDEO)

We get it: Howard went into space. That was the message his friends were trying to send him throughout this week's Halloween-themed episode of "The Big Bang Theory." And yet it was still all he could talk about it. When Bernadette finally confronted him about just how often he was bringing it up, Howard still didn't understand. He was instead disappointed that his friends were dumping on what may well be the biggest achievement of his life.

His sour mood ruined the couple's time at the Halloween party in Stuart's comic book store, despite the fact that they both looked great as Smurfs. It was another classic episode of fun "Big Bang Theory" Halloween costumes, though Howard and Bernadette wound up being the only couple to really do a "couples costume."

Sheldon and Amy compromised by putting a Raggedy Andy hat-and-hair on his C-3PO costume, while Penny and Leonard didn't really mesh at all.

As for that space talk problem, Raj solved that by sending video of Buzz Aldrin handing out candy to the kids. With every kid and every candy bar, he mentioned that he'd been in outer space. After the third one, Howard said, "Okay, I get it."

The laughs continue every Thursday on "The Big Bang Theory" at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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