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'The Big Bang Theory': The Guys Try To Get Middle School Girls Excited About Science (VIDEO)

"The X Factor" contestant Diamond White made a quick cameo appearance on "The Big Bang Theory" as one of the teen girls who were trying to stay awake while Leonard, Sheldon and Howard tried to get them excited about science. It was a great idea to reach out and convince more women to get into science, but these three may not have been the best ambassadors.

Take Sheldon's "inspiring" speech, for example. "Madame Curie. Co-discoverer of radioactivity, she was a hero of science. Until her hair fell out, her vomit and stool became filled with blood and she was poisoned to death by her own discovery," he said. "With a little hard work, I see no reason why that can’t happen to any of you."

Now that's motivation! The AV Club enjoyed the "fun situation," and were even more excited by the payoff of having the girls call in and talk about being more valued for their minds than their beauty -- while they're dressed up as Disney princesses.

TV Fanatic was less impressed, writing that the idea of these three trying to motivate young girls into science had potential, but instead "it diminished into an awkward and painful to watch display."

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