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Big Bass Caught Off New Zealand (PHOTO)


"Caught a nice Bass earlier," R0b0tpimp wrote on Imgur, where he posted this photo (below) on Tuesday.

Yeah, nice bass ... and big. But feed-an-entire-village big?

R0b0tpimp told Redditors that it weighed 57 kilograms (nearly 126 pounds) -- an impressive catch, but short of some of the bass monsters that can emerge from waters off the coast of New Zealand, where R0b0tpimp nabbed the fish.

The picture was also posted on the website for a New Zealand-basedfishing charter company, which called the catch a "great fish."

The image hooked many viewers -- and a few doubters, too. Some said R0b0tpimp used forced perspective to make the fish appear bigger.

By any scale, however, R0b0tpimp wrote that his catch "tastes awesome."

CREDIT: Imgur/R0b0tpimp

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