Big Brands Are Being Built on Big Name Celebrities

Make it big in movies, on TV or in sports and then launch products with your name on it. This has always been a pathway to successful brand marketing. But with the rise of social media and big brand ideas, celebrities are taking things to new heights.

Shay Mitchell recently launched a critically acclaimed line of active-wear called Fit To Wander with RDG Global, racking up hundreds of thousands of Instagram likes. Richard Gossett, the owner of RDG Global and co-founder of the brand says "Active-wear and active leisure wear are now part of every woman's daily wardrobe. And our brand is exploding."

Jessica Simpson is a massive name in fashion overseeing a $1 billion retail empire according to Forbes, and the top is no where in sight.

Even older celebrities are getting in on this craze. Recently, Bjorn Borg, the Swedish sports fashion brand named for famous tennis star Bjorn Borg, showed a line of clothes that's out of this world. When Borg first played at Wimbledon in 1973, his ice-cold countenance and flowing blond hair created as much attention as the five consecutive titles he subsequently won between 1976 and 1980. His blond locks and shy blue eyes had young girls faint and his impeccable sense of style made him a fashion icon that still stands to this day. Bjorn Borg was the defining rock star of tennis. This led to the launch of his fashion line which is sold through

Celebrities can do a lot to propel a brand forward, especially these-days when they have millions of social media followers. Shay Mitchell's social media channels ignite fans to Fit to Wander every minute, day in and day out. Check out #FitToWander for example. Now that's a fashion movement.

Older celebrities who still have cache but a lot fewer social media fans have to work much harder at capturing consumer attention. Cue Bjorn Borg's latest marketing campaign. Not shying away from provocative advertising to make waves, Borg has taken an active stand for world peace with an outrageous campaign that urged people to send dirty underwear to warmongers. They did a campaign promoting gay marriage and now they're taking the next step by celebrating more love in the universe - Mars to be more specific . In a tribute to, and inspired by, the brave and visionary project Mars One, a non-profit organization aiming to colonize Mars, Borg takes a stand for the love of Mankind during Fashion Week Stockholm. The brand showcased their main fashion sportswear line, as well as a limited edition show piece collection, exclusively designed by the brand Head of Design James Lee, in collaboration with the show stylist Naomi Itkes.

But this gets me back to Mars One. In 2026, a human settlement on Mars will be initiated with the four first volunteering astronauts. Mars One is the space project offering 100 people the chance to move to our neighboring planet Mars. Inspired by nomads of bygone and future generations, the Borg SS16 show at the Stockholm Fashion Week was a tribute to this ground-breaking space mission and to the concept of the ultimate challenge: Training for Mars.

"The SS16 show is inspired by the concept of breaking new frontiers for the love of mankind. Mars One epitomizes this idea and our show is a tribute to the bravery and faith these pioneers show by venturing to the unknown for the sake of evolution and innovation. The journey sets the scene for the show featuring our fashion sportswear collection that is perfectly fit for the ultimate challenge - training for Mars!" says James Lee, Head of Design at Bjorn Borg.

Mars One is a groundbreaking project, founded by dutch entrepreneur Bas Landsorp, that aims to establish human life on Mars by the year 2026. A vast casting process resulted in 100 candidates from all over the world willing to leave everything behind in the name of research, science and the future of man to travel and live the rest of their lives on Mars. Four of the Mars One Candidates attended the fashion show. Seems like the little red planet will continue to inspire sportswear with great function, and moreover taking on the ultimate challenge - moving to Mars.