The 'Big Brother 19' Cast Includes A Rodeo Clown And A Cosplay Artist

The summer reality staple premieres June 28.

One surefire sign that summer has landed: “Big Brother.” CBS’ annual reality show, in which strangers locked in a house scheme to win $500,000, announced its 19th roster on Monday. 

CBS revealed 16 new houseguests, the same number of contestants that have competed during each of the past five seasons. It appears this go-round will not invite previous cast members to return, as some seasons have, though CBS has yet to disclose the twists that will complicate the rules.

Based on photos alone, it’s hard to tell which houseguest will be this year’s token gay. But rest assured there is a token old person ― a 55-year-old stay-at-home dad ― and plenty of eclectic occupations, namely rodeo clown, cosplay artist and dog walker. There’s also a “fitness superstar” named Christmas. 

Ahead of the two-night premiere on June 28 and 29, meet the “Big Brother 19” cast below and start logging your predictions for the fiercest competitors. You can also read our oral history of the show here

  • Christmas Abbott, 35
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Lynchburg, Va.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Raleigh, N.C.<br><strong>Occupation:</strong> Fit
    Hometown: Lynchburg, Va.
    Current City: Raleigh, N.C.
    Occupation: Fitness Superstar
  • Matthew Clines, 33
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Arlington, Va.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Arlington, Va.<br><strong>Occupation:</strong> Re
    Hometown: Arlington, Va.
    Current City: Arlington, Va.
    Occupation: Renovation Consultant
  • Dominique Cooper, 30
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Tuskegee, Ala.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Woodbridge, Va.<br><strong>Occupation:</strong> G
    Hometown: Tuskegee, Ala.
    Current City: Woodbridge, Va.
    Occupation: Government Engineer
  • Elena Davies, 26
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Fort Worth, Texas<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Dallas, Texas<br><strong>Occupation:</strong>
    Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
    Current City: Dallas, Texas
    Occupation: Radio Personality
  • Jason Dent, 37
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Humeston, Iowa<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Humeston, Iowa<br><strong>Occupation:</strong> Ro
    Hometown: Humeston, Iowa
    Current City: Humeston, Iowa
    Occupation: Rodeo Clown
  • Jessica Graf, 26
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Cranston, R.I.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Los Angeles<br><strong>Occupation:</strong> VIP C
    Hometown: Cranston, R.I.
    Current City: Los Angeles
    Occupation: VIP Concierge
  • Cameron Heard, 24
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> North Aurora, Ill.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Woodridge, Ill.<br><strong>Occupation:</stron
    Hometown: North Aurora, Ill.
    Current City: Woodridge, Ill.
    Occupation: Microbiologist
  • Mark Jansen, 26
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Grand Island, N.Y.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Grand Island, N.Y.<br><strong>Occupation:</st
    Hometown: Grand Island, N.Y.
    Current City: Grand Island, N.Y.
    Occupation: Personal Trainer
  • Megan Lowder, 28
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Cathedral City, Calif.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Phoenix, Ariz.<br><strong>Occupation:</st
    Hometown: Cathedral City, Calif.
    Current City: Phoenix, Ariz.
    Occupation: Dog Walker
  • Josh Martinez, 23
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Miami, Fla.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Homestead, Fla.<br><strong>Occupation:</strong> Hair
    Hometown: Miami, Fla.
    Current City: Homestead, Fla.
    Occupation: Hair Care Sales
  • Cody Nickson, 32
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Lake Mills, Iowa.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Plano, Texas<br><strong>Occupation:</strong> C
    Hometown: Lake Mills, Iowa.
    Current City: Plano, Texas
    Occupation: Construction Sales Rep
  • Alex Ow, 28
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Thousand Oaks, Calif.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Camarillo, Calif.<br><strong>Occupation:</
    Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Calif.
    Current City: Camarillo, Calif.
    Occupation: Eco-Friendly Marketing Rep
  • Jillian Parker, 24
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Celebration, Fla.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Las Vegas, Nev.<br><strong>Occupation:</strong
    Hometown: Celebration, Fla.
    Current City: Las Vegas, Nev.
    Occupation: Timeshare Sales Rep
  • Kevin Schlehuber, 55
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Boston, Mass.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Boston, Mass.<br><strong>Occupation:</strong> Stay
    Hometown: Boston, Mass.
    Current City: Boston, Mass.
    Occupation: Stay-at-home dad
  • Ramses Soto, 21
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> Grand Rapids, Mich.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: Grand Rapids, Mich.<br><strong>Occupation:</
    Hometown: Grand Rapids, Mich.
    Current City: Grand Rapids, Mich.
    Occupation: Cosplay Artist
  • Raven Walton, 23
    <strong>Hometown:</strong> DeValls Bluff, Ark.<br><strong>Current City</strong>: DeValls Bluff, Ark.<br><strong>Occupation:</
    Hometown: DeValls Bluff, Ark.
    Current City: DeValls Bluff, Ark.
    Occupation: Dance Teacher
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