Big Brother Cast Member Fired Over Autism "Retards" Comment


From the New York Post:

"Big Brother" contestant who stirred up a controversy when he called autistic children "retards," has been fired from his job.

But Adam Jasinski, who worked for the United Autism Foundation, doesn't know he's been canned.

He is sequestered in the "Big Brother" house in LA, cut off from contact with the outside world, in keeping with the show's rules.

The foundation announced his firing on its Web site yesterday.

This is an Official Apology for any and all inappropiate, unprofessional and unacceptable comments made by Adam Jasinski on BIG BROTHER 9, a CBS Reality Show. We deeply apologize for the anger, which has been created by Adam Jasinski on CBS.

The UNITED AUTISM FOUNDATION does not agree with any and all irresponsible comments made by Adam Jasinski about children and adults who have been diagnosed with autism.

AUTISM is one of the fastest growing disorders in the country. Unfortunately, Adam Jasinski made some comments, which are not acceptable and we deeply apologize to all those who are affected by this overseen disorder.

UNIAF is trying to create awareness and help all those who have been diagnosed with autism.
UNIAF does not agree with any personal comments made by Adam Jasinski. Based on those comments Adam Jasinski cannot and will not represent UNIAF since he caused tremendous damage to UNIAF.

Watch the clip where Adam called autistic children "retards" here: Autism Group Demands Apology From CBS Over "Retards" Remark On "Big Brother"

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