Paws Everything. Iceland Is Running A 'Big Brother' For Kittens.

It's kittens all day, everyday, without all the cat hair.

Some may say there’s nothing good on the tube anymore. Thankfully, the good people of Iceland love cute and cuddly cats as much as we do.

An Icelandic news website has released a live, reality-style YouTube show featuring four, nine-week-old kittens living in a dollhouse stocked with bunk beds, toys and of course cameras.

Though the program is often a total snooze fest ― it’s no secret that cats love to sleep ― it should be heartening to know that it’s all for a good cause.

According to Iceland Magazine, the kittens ― named Guðni, Stubbur, Briet and Ronja ― were moved into the house after they were found in an industrial park in Reykjavik with their mother. They were checked out by vets and Stubbur was found with an injured tail that required amputation.

Before moving into the house, the entire project, including the cat house, was reportedly reviewed and approved by the Icelandic Humane Society, as well as other animal welfare groups.

Now clean, healthy and well-pampered, the cats are using their good looks and charm not to push lip kits or emojis, but the adoption of other strays like them through Icelandic animal shelter, Kattavinafélagið ― which roughly translates to the “cat friendship society,” according to Mashable. The kittens are also up for adoption themselves.

If only all reality TV shows were this good.

Check out more camera angles below:

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