'Big Brother': Juror Returns To The Game, Head Of Household Shakes Things Up (VIDEO)

It was a game changer on "Big Brother." After last Thursday's eviction of Helen, an epic HOH competition began. Not only was the Head of Household position on the line, but the first four jury members -- including the just-evicted Helen -- were also competing. One would earn a spot back in the house, and could win HOH as well.

While the latter didn't happen, in the end, it was Judd who stood triumphant among the jury members. As such, he made his way back into the house after his blindside during the double eviction episode a few weeks back. “Aaryn looks like she's going to throw up," wrote HitFix's Lian Bonin Starr of Judd's return. "Still, Judd assures everyone he wants to start a clean slate with everybody. Gosh, I hope not! Where's the fun in that?”

"Woo! I’m back in the ‘BB’ house, and it feels amazing to have a second chance at my dream," Judd said later.

Helen's closest allly, Elissa hung in there to win HOH, which immediately created turmoil in the house. Amanda has been the puppet master behind the HOH position for so long, it's strange to see someone she can't control, though she certainly tried. Elissa instead targeted her old adversary, Aaryn.

Over at Zap2It, Andrea Reiher was excited to see this new dynamic play out. "In the end, Elissa puts up Aaryn and McCrae just like she said," she wrote. "If your target is Aaryn with Amanda as backup, that's not a terrible decision, but we think maybe putting Aaryn and Amanda on the block would've been a better decision.”

Find out who wins the Power of Veto, and if it changes the nominations, as "Big Brother" continues on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET, with a weekly live eviction on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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