'Big Brother': Jury Competes For Chance To Return To The Game After Latest Elimination (VIDEO)

Once again, inevitability became reality on "Big Brother" when it came eviction time. The house has been riding the Amanda wave for weeks now, and Amanda's target fell squarely on Helen's back this week. As such, it was time for Helen to go. But, that didn't necessarily mean the end of her game.

In a rather cruel tease for viewers, the four jury members were given a chance to compete in the HOH competition. One of them would earn their way back into the show, and could win HOH as well. But who won and who's back? Well, this is an endurance competition, so only those following the live feeds know.

Still, Helen's excited face when she learned she would get a second chance was certainly a priceless moment. Julie Chen asked her what she might have done differently if she could do it all again.

“I would not have taken Howard out of the game that first week," Helen said. "Amanda was MVP nominee. I would’ve heeded Candice and Howard’s advice and taken her out then.”

Buddy TV's John Kubicek thought Helen's eviction was "easily the most emotional goodbye" of the season. She was a long-time favorite to win the show, until she was recently fooled by the machinations of the 3 a.m. alliance. And with Helen gone, Entertainment Weekly's Darren Franich says there's only one houseguest left deserving of victory.

“Aaryn has won more competitions, McCrae is a better politician, Andy is a better liar, Elissa is nicer, and Spencer has inadvertently played the Power-Pawn game better than anyone would ever want to," Franich wrote. "But I'm not sure anyone has had a greater direct effect on the game this season than Amanda ... This is her personal playground, and she has the special rocket-launcher cheat code.”

The competition continues on "Big Brother," Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET with live evictions every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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