Big Butter Jesus Dominates Google, Arteries (PHOTO)

If you've found this article, most likely you were reading Google trends (which is being dominated by Big Butter Jesus), you heard it mentioned on TV, or most likely, you love Jesus and you love butter and it was just a matter of time before you came across this.

Regardless, here it is: Big Butter Jesus in all its artery clogging glory. presiding over Monroe, OH.

Okay, so it's actually made of styrofoam and fiberglass. Not butter. And it's official name is "King of Kings," which is misleading, as we'll ultimately end up calling him "The Butter King." But we all know there is only one true "Butter King":

According to Google trends, the related searches include "sexygirl, sexting, and sexing the body gender politics and the construction of sexuality video." Obviously, Big Butter Jesus is involved in some sort of politically motivated sexy girl video. Jesus, Ohio, what kind of racket are you running? And where can I buy tickets?