Big Cats React To Reflections At Florida Sanctuary (VIDEO)

Lions, tigers and jaguars are no strangers to extensive grooming habits. But at the Big Cat Rescue animal sanctuary in Tampa, Fla., animal caretakers tested feline vanity by recording how felines in residence reacted to their own reflections.

In this YouTube video produced by the Tampa-based sanctuary, caregivers are seen holding up a mirror to each animal's face to test their reaction.

Overall, larger cats tended to be less than pleased with the image, interpreting the reflection as a fellow cat staring back at them. Some growled, some pounced and some just stared with furious intensity.

As for the smaller felines, reactions ranging from curiosity to apparent indifference seemed to prevail.

Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for abandoned wild cats. Staff at the animal sanctuary -- which is home to more than 100 exotic felines -- also informs the public about the risks of exotic pet ownership by producing educational videos.

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