BigDog, The U.S. Government's Horrifying Four-Legged Robot Monster, Can Now Throw Cinder Blocks

In news that foreshadows the end of our country and probably civilization as we know it, BigDog -- an enormous, horrifying four-legged robot that is funded by the U.S. Army's Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance (RCTA) -- can now pick up cinder blocks and throw them at great distances.

What could possibly go wrong?

Watch the video below, and perhaps get an early glimpse of the way your home will be destroyed in 2027, the year BigDog becomes sentient.

The stated purpose of the RCTA, by the way? To "bring together government, industrial, and academic institutions to address research and development required to enable the deployment of future military unmanned ground vehicle systems ranging in size from man-portables to ground combat vehicles." Look for it to play a prominent villainous role in the next Michael Bay movie.

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