17 Problems Only Women With Large Feet Can Understand

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Girls with big feet, we feel your pain. Shoe shopping is a total nightmare, you can never borrow your girlfriends' shoes (though your boyfriend's do fit...) and you avoid Converse like the plague, unless you're keen on looking like a clown. The problems exist and the struggle is real. And we hear you.

Behold, 17 things only girls with big feet will understand.

1. You roll your eyes when girls with size 9 feet complain about finding shoes. Try being a size 11.

2. Trying on the floor sample? Hahaha forget about it.

3. Stores are ALWAYS sold out of your size.

4. But online, you don't have much luck either.

5. You avoid pointy toes at all costs because they just make your feet look bigger.


6. When you find out that a celebrity has big feet, you're secretly thrilled.


7. You have tried to squeeze your foot into a Zara size 10 shoe (or any brand that doesn't make larger sizes).

8. Your shoes take up more than half your suitcase whenever you're packing for a trip.

9. Socks are always laughably small...

10. And if they happen to fit, it will only be a matter of days before you poke a hole in them.

11. The sandals you get at the nail salon never fit -- much to everyone's amusement.

12. Your friends constantly want to compare foot size.

13. Can't. Fit. Foot. Through. Skinny. Jeans.

14. Falling down the stairs has become the norm, since your feet don't fit on each step.

15. Sales associates constantly tell you, "We don't go up to that size."

16. The thought of your feet getting BIGGER when you're pregnant is enough to make you cry.

17. Most days you get up and feel like this...

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