Big Fish Saving a Small Pond (Video)

The proud eastern Long Island town of Southampton was incorporated by English settlers nearly four hundred years ago. Southampton's chic beaches are its lure, while its light, weather and fresh air are its magic. The tax base is high, its people are savvy, and its politics teeter between land conservation and development. Great potato farms and vast fields have been forever lost to cookie-cutter mansions after generations of farmers have succumbed to the lure of real estate gold.

The centerpiece of Southampton is Lake Agawam in the village's heart. Agawam is a large pond to some, and a small lake to others, but to neighbors who live in this noble town Lake Agawam is an idyllic body of water -- still beautiful, but suffering under the stress of overpopulation and neglect.

When the neighbors rallied together last summer to help clean up the lake, they found their town's leaders willing to embrace those who get things done. After a comprehensive review of the lake's health, these innovative Americans are answering the challenge for change now by cleaning up their town's aquatic pride and joy.

I visited resident David Bohnett, who co-founded the Lake Agawam Conservation Association. This guy gets things done, and he's confident he'll swim in the lake someday to prove it.