The Snallygaster, The Kraken And 6 Other Creatures We Wish We Didn't Know About

When you were a kid, you thought that monsters only lived under your bed. But as we've recently reported here on The Huffington Post, people have been seeing them seemingly everywhere.

In fact, monsters and mythical creatures have long fascinated people from all over the world -- many have dedicated their lives to hunting down and proving the existence of elusive creatures like Bigfoot.

It’s a jungle out there, and knowing what you’re up against is the first line of defense. In that spirit, we've partnered with Destination America to help you stay alert and know your Loch Ness from your Snallygaster.


In the second season of Mountain Monsters, a team of expert investigators go deep into the mountains of West Virginia to come face to face with creatures you've only seen in your nightmares...until now. Make sure to tune into the season premiere on April 4 at 10/9c to check out the monster madness.