Finally! British Police Catch Big Foot

Mystery solved!

Something strange is afoot.

Authorities in the Wandsworth borough of London were tickled on Saturday when an officer photographed a giant foot on wheels cruising along the sidewalk.

The police shared the photo of a man wearing a silver suit and helmet standing inside the heel of the massive foot. A woman in a captain's suit is seen standing on the base of the vehicle.

Police didn't have to kick in any doors to learn the backstory in this case. Even without any giant nail clippers in sight, there's a perfectly logical explanation.

A few hours after police put the call out, the Twitter account for the Wandsworth Fringe Festival shared a front-view photo of the foot and its brave commander.

According to the Wandsworth Guardian, the festival's Ministry of Silly Ideas built the giant foot to promote this year's event, which starts on May 6.

Foot-age of the foot cruising around town and playing a little music was also shared on Twitter.

There were no reports regarding whether the giant foot smelled as bad as one imagines a giant foot would.

It certainly looks a bit like another famous British foot.