Big Heart Questions


"What does it mean to live from the heart?" -Laura

I laid in bed rapidly scribbling questions brought on by a month of heart meditations--sitting every night with both palms on my heart, trying to feel what exactly it is telling me.

What does it mean to live from the heart? I want to know.

Who are the scientists studying the heart? What do they know?

Who are the most compassionate people in the world? Why are they so?

Who are the most courageous? What makes them brave?

What animals have the largest physical hearts? How are they different?

Who are the mystics who study the heart? What do the ancient religions and inspired texts say?

Who are the artists rendering the heart? What do they see?

Who are the musicians composing from their heart? What songs do they sing? How do they sound?

Who are the healers tending the hearts? How do they do it? What do they know?

What do the children say about heart? What do they know that we have forgotten?

Who is listening to the human heart? What do the cardiologists and pediatricians with stethoscopes hear?

What mysteries remain of the human heart that we do not know? What are the legends, tales and stories handed down?

Will knowing these answers help humanity survive, evolve, eliminate violence, and reach our full potential?

Can I help uncover the answers? Lucia's mission is to give voice to the heart. What is it trying to tell us? Is there a collective wisdom beneath seven billion pulse-beats?

I don't know. I must begin my day. Do you have answers? Please, tell me.