'Big Hero 6' Features A Hidden 'Frozen' Cameo

Disney placed a sneaky reference to "Frozen" in the trailer for new film "Big Hero 6." Released Tuesday, the trailer previews Disney Animation's first adaptation of a Marvel comic and is the studio's first post-"Frozen" feature.

"Big Hero 6" follows Hiro, a young boy, and his robot as they attempt to overcome evil in San Fransokyo. A closer look at the clips reveals at least one nod to Disney's blockbuster smash, "Frozen." Perez Hilton noticed a wanted poster taped to the police officer's cork board, with a face belonging to Hans from "Frozen." (He's featured above the officer's head, to the right, in the screenshot below.)

big hero 6 frozen

For those who believe all Disney movies exist in the same universe, this Easter egg provides yet another piece of evidence substantiating the theory. "Frozen" fans will remember seeing "Tangled" characters Rapunzel and Flynn at Elsa's coronation, and don't get us started on the whole Andy's-mom -in-"Toy Story" theory. (For more on that, lose yourself in JonNegroni.com.)

Watch the trailer for "Big Hero 6":



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