BIG In Fashion: 5 Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With BadRhino’s LBJ (Little Black Jacket)

BIG In Fashion: 5 Reasons Why I’m Obsessed With BadRhino’s LBJ (Little Black Jacket)
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All black is everything, isn’t it?

It absolutely is.

And in a power jacket like the BadRhino Black Quilted, it is perfectly fine for me to ask myself a question and then answer it. I’m obsessed with this jacket for several reasons, but let’s get to the most obvious:

1. It Keeps Me Warm

When taking the jacket out of the box, I pre-judged the weight and thought it not to be heavy enough to keep me warm. That’s definitely not the case. The Black Quilted Jacket is deceptively warm. It was cold outside, and whatever Indian Summer we were in the midst of was so clearly and obviously over. The wind was abrasive and I needed something black to wear for a styling job (because all black attire is the unofficial New York fashion uniform). I put on the jacket assuming that I would still be cold throughout the day. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

2. It Has Mixed Media

The jacket is 100 percent polyester, but the corduroy panels on the back, pockets, and elbows were all the perfect addition to a coat that might have been too old fashioned for a millennial with a penchant for fashion. The corduroy is just the right amount of embellishment to walk the line between classic and edgy. This jacket is brilliant because it’s something a grandfather and grandson would want to wear.

3. It’s Black

If I had a dollar for the multiple times that I’ve used the phrase All Black Everything in this story, I’d probably be bit richer – I’d also add it a few more times for obvious reasons. Added corduroy also in black give the jacket a bit of streamlined sleekness that comes with wearing all black. It’s flattering and approachable – which is at its core what All Black Everything is all about.

PS – I just made another dollar, I suppose.

4. It’s Light and Comfortable

The Black Quilted Jacket is really light, which is surprising because it keeps the body warm. With a medium length, it comes right below the butt without flaring at the hip. It’s soft enough to fit over a sweater but heavy enough to fit over a button-down shirt.

5. It’s Practical

The jacket is machine washable, making it easier and quicker to clean. It doesn’t take much closet realestate, which is always good during the colder months. I live for layers, and this boy will rock a fur like nobody’s business (believe that), but on work days when I’m on set, or lugging garment bags on and off the subways, light warmth is better than heavy heat. This jacket has the warmth of a coat, and the length and weight of a spring jacket. Dare I say it? Could the BadRhino Quilted Jacket be… magic?

I think so.

Shop the BadRhino Quilted Jacket here.

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