Big Media Lie -- People Like George Bush

There are a number of big media lies right now. Conventional wisdom the mainstream media throws out there on a regular basis that ranks as absolutely ridiculous. One example is – you are unelectable if you don’t support the Iraq War. Poll after poll shows you how much Americans don’t like the Iraq War, think it was a mistake and that we should get out. But since the mainstream media get their talking points from Fox News Channel rather than the American people, they continue to harp on this absurd myth. But that’s not the particular lie that’s got me enraged today.

Here’s the mainstream media myth that’s driving me crazy: Americans really like George W. Bush.

News Flash – George Bush’s approval ratings are at 36%. Those are pre-coup numbers. That’s when a politician in a third world country becomes so unpopular that a couple of generals decide to show him the door. Nixon at the height of Watergate was at 39%, three points HIGHER than Bush is right now. And people despised Nixon.

To say “people like Bush” under these circumstances is to be so inaccurate that I have to question either your intelligence or your motives. How much cognitive reasoning ability do you need to figure out that 36% approval rating means people DON’T like George Bush? Do you owe the guy money or something?

The corollary to the “Americans like Bush” myth is: Bill Clinton brought disgrace to the White House and average Americans were disgusted by his actions.

Bill Clinton approval rating when he left office was 66%! On the day of his impeachment (12/19/98), when supposedly regular Americans were disgusted by his actions, his approval rating was even higher. It was 72%.

I know some present day Republicans are a little science and math challenged, so I’ll help you with the math: 72 is exactly twice as much as 36.

Bill Clinton’s popularity on the day of his impeachment was twice as high as Bush’s popularity right now! That is stunning.

And how does the mainstream media cover it? They still claim Bush is well liked by the American people and often imply Clinton was not. I wind up asking people because I’m actually curious and sincerely not sure of the answer – are the mainstream media purposely trying to support the Republicans against all available evidence or do they have their heads so far buried up their asses that they can’t see anything but Fox News Channel up there?