A Guy Put Amazon's 'Alexa' In Big Mouth Billy Bass' Body And People Are Rightly Horrified

"The future."

So Big Mouth Billy Bass — you know, that animatronic singing fish that was annoyingly popular at the end of the 1990s — was, frankly, already pretty creepy. But one little modification brought it to new, disturbing heights.

Brian “Wizard of Terror” Kane posted this lil’ video to Facebook on Oct. 27, which features a Big Mouth Billy Bass configured so that the voice of Alexa — Amazon’s voice assistant similar to Apple’s Siri — emanates from the fish’s mouth.

The video is simply captioned, “the future” ― and it’s a dystopian vision indeed.

Gizmodo suggests that Kane could have accomplished this feat by using Amazon’s API that lets people embed the Alexa technology in third-party devices. TechCrunch noted he also could have just shoved an Amazon Echo — the wireless voice command device where you usually hear Alexa’s voice — inside the fish.

Please just no one let this guy get his hands on a Teddy Ruxpin.



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