Big Rig Flips On Pennsylvania Highway In Dramatic Dash Cam Video

Incredibly, the driver escaped unharmed.

A truck driver cheated death after his big rig flipped on a highway in Pennsylvania this week.

Terrifying dash cam video that Patrick Novak posted to Facebook on Tuesday showed his semi's trailer wobble, fall onto its side and slide down I-95 in Delaware County.

The windshield shattered before the truck came to a stop several seconds later. Incredibly, Novak escaped unharmed.

The self-employed truck driver from Newark, Delaware, told Action News he left his cab by unbuckling his seat belt and climbing out the window.

"Just another day on the job!" he wrote on Facebook alongside the footage, adding it was fitting the Edgar Winter Group's song "Free Ride" was playing on the radio at the time.

"First time I ever climbed out of my windshield to get out of my truck," Novak wrote.

"Hope it's the last time! Could of been worse at least I walked away!" he added, before thanking his dad for watching over him.

It's unclear what caused the incident near the Ridley Park exit, according to Action News. No other vehicles were involved.


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