Big Sean On The Importance Of Investing In Detroit's Youth

"One Man Can Change the World" is more than a song for this rapper.

Big Sean is leveraging his platform as an artist to invest in Detroit’s youth through his Sean Anderson Foundation.

During a recent interview segment with CNN, the Detroit native said that his mission for the foundation is to inspire the city’s youth.

"It's just so easy to get caught up in the wrong things when you're young," Sean said. "Having somebody that you could look up to, whether it's a family member, whether it's a mentor, whether it's your favorite rapper, you know, whatever it is, I see the importance of showing people their inner potential."

In addition to Sean raising money to support the youth of Flint in January, last year the rapper unveiled a new recording studio at his Detroit alma mater, Cass Technical High School. According to students like Fredrick Boutten, Sean’s investment has been a great benefit.

"For someone like Big Sean to come and invest in us, partially it was unexpected, but it's such a great asset," said Boutten.

"I gotta give back," said Sean. "It's my responsibility."

Check out Big Sean’s CNN segment in the clip above.

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