Big Snake Regurgitating Live Rival Serpent Will Take You To A Dark Place

It's fascinating -- but mostly gross.

Snakes alive!

Viral video of a big snake regurgitating another serpent that’s still alive might be one of the creepiest, WTF reptile moments caught on camera. It’s seriously... eek!

Christopher Reynolds filmed the predator and its fully swallowed prey under some leaves in Newton, Texas, National Geographic reported Monday.

Reynolds guessed that his presence might have scared the black snake from fully digesting its meal, the magazine noted. He said it was the slithery victim’s “super, ultra, lottery-lucky day.”

But for anyone who watches this, it might not be your lucky day if you’re about to eat.

In the YouTube video Reynolds posted Saturday, he wrote that he caught the spectacle while driving home from his mother’s with his wife, Nina. She suggested he film it.

“I am happy I did,” he said.



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