Big Sur Parks Are Closed Until Further Notice Due To Massive Wildfire

This does not sound good.

If you thought you’d be taking a pleasant road trip down the California coast this summer, then it may be time to adjust your plans.

A number of iconic state parks along the Big Sur coast are currently closed, due to a wildfire that has ravaged some 19,000 acres since it started on Friday.

The parks will be closed “until further notice,” along with their famously breathtaking campgrounds and trails, according to the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Our hearts are breaking at the thought of this pristine beachside paradise in danger:

Todd Keith via Getty Images
James O'Neil via Getty Images
Matthew Micah Wright via Getty Images

While the situation is indeed dire, all hope is not lost for travelers who don’t want to cancel their plans. Many resorts and attractions in the Monterey area, like the Monterey Bay Aquarium and businesses along Highway 1, have remained open, The San Francisco Chronicle reports. Be forewarned, though, that highways are likely lodged with traffic from fire crews and won’t provide the scenic views they would under normal conditions.

Big Sur’s campgrounds could reopen soon if firefighters are able to hold back the fire, the Associated Press reports. As a responsible traveler, you can do your part for now by brushing up on campground fire safety.

And maybe, sadly, take your road trip elsewhere. Safe travels!

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