Definitely Real 'Captured Bigfoot' Exhibit Coming To NYC

Definitely Real 'Captured Bigfoot' Exhibit Coming To NYC

Is Bigfoot in the Big Apple? Well ...

With Barnum-esque hype, a circus announced that Bigfoot has been captured and will be on display June 7 in New York City.

"For the THRILL OF A LIFETIME come see the strangest creature EVER brought to civilization before he is safely released back into the wild," reads one poster for the event.

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An outfit called the Tiny Top Circus says it is hosting the public exhibition at Washington Square Park in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. "He is a sight to see," circus rep and noted hoaxer Joey Skaggs told The Huffington Post. "You will not want to miss this!"

Skaggs has pulled a prank or 10 before. "Give the media a sensational story and they’re all over it," he has said.

Oh, Joey, we so wanna believe this time. The elusive and possibly fictional beast has already left quite a digital footprint on HuffPost, especially concerning hoaxes.

So anyone who shows up at the display might want to heed the words often credited to P.T. Barnum himself: "There's a sucker born every minute."

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