Bigfoot Exists, Claim Researchers Who Present Hi-Def Videos -- Did They Deliver The Goods?

Bigfoot exists. At least that's what a team of researchers wants you to believe, based on evidence they presented at a press conference in Dallas on Tuesday.

The group -- under the auspices of something called The Sasquatch Genome Project -- is led by veterinarian Melba Ketchum, who has spent five years collecting alleged Bigfoot DNA specimens in an attempt to prove that the legendary tall, hairy creatures actually exist.

A press release this week promised that the research group would show "never-before-seen, high definition video of Bigfoot subjects inhabiting the forests of North America." As seen in the ABC news report above, three of the clips shown to a small gathering of reporters claimed to depict a juvenile Bigfoot walking in the woods, another "older" Bigfoot's face, and a third very short video clip from 2005 reportedly showing a sleeping Bigfoot.

The footage, presented by an entrepreneur named Adrian Erickson to promote an upcoming documentary, leaves plenty of -- maybe too many -- unanswered questions.

The sleeping Bigfoot footage isn't new -- it was first videotaped eight years ago. Why hasn't the public been allowed to see more of the video? If the videographer was that close to Bigfoot, what happened when the creature woke up? Did it run away or turn to attack? As with many Bigfoot videos, we're left with scant evidence instead of irrefutable proof that Bigfoot exists, like the project claimed.

Here's the very short video clip of the sleeping Bigfoot that the public has been allowed to see since 2005:

Plus, The Sasquatch Genome Project and its "findings" have already been debunked several times.

A previous HuffPost Weird News story detailed how Ketchum, anxious to get her findings out, basically purchased a little-known "journal" in which to publish her research. The research itself was deemed bogus by The Houston Chronicle.

"Rather than spend another five years just trying to find a journal to publish and hoping that decent, open-minded reviewers would be chosen, we acquired the rights to this journal and renamed it so we would not lose the passing peer reviews that are expected by the public and the scientific community," Ketchum herself wrote on the Sasquatch Genome Project website.

Ketchum has made repeated promises to The Huffington Post that "more scientists" would be interested in substantiating her findings. Those scientists have yet to make contact.

So before you read one of several news stories reporting that Bigfoot is real, look at the counterpoints to The Sasquatch Genome Project's research. It proves only that Bigfoot's existence is still in question.



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