Is Bigfoot In Britain? Photos And Audio Prove Something Is

Is this Bigfoot, or a sneaky ad for Jurassic World?

A man claims to have seen, heard and recorded Bigfoot in the British countryside. But like some tree stumps we've reported on in the past, this evidence doesn't yet have legs.

Adam Bird, 31, snapped a photo of what appears to be something lurking in the woods, as well as a video of groans in the woods that sound like they're ripped right out of the original Jurassic Park movies.

Take a look:


Bird, who claims to be a Bigfoot investigator, told Metro that his buddies tipped him off to a nature reserve in Friskney that is a hotbed for sightings.

"We stayed there for a few hours that day and felt watched and followed the whole time," he said. I took various photographs throughout the investigation and when I checked back through them I spotted the creepy picture ... It looks like a shadowy figure stood within the trees staring at us from afar."

He also took a photo of what he says is a Bigfoot print in the dirt. That photo is less convincing than the photo of a creature (or shadow, or stump) in the woods, but Bird's weirdest documentation is the video (above) that features sounds emanating from the woods.

To be fair, the sounds are consistent with what Bigfoot hunters across the pond have told us about the beast's habits. Cliff Barackman of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" said last year that a Bigfoot will bang sticks against trees (called "knocking") and hoot and groan to communicate. Sounds similar to Barackman's description are featured in the video, but it's unclear whether the video is fabricated, and Bird couldn't be contacted by press time.

What do you think?