How To Tell If Bigfoot Poop Is Fake

How To Tell If Bigfoot Poop Is Fake

Plenty of leads sent here to HuffPost Weird News turn out to hoaxes, but nobody deals with more crap than Todd Disotell.

In fact, the NYU anthropology professor -- and star of Spike TV's "Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" -- gets sent a lot of poop. He analyzes samples from both hoaxers and hopefuls who think they may have found evidence of Bigfoot's existence.

Disotell's students learn how to use the university's molecular primatology lab by studying those samples -- which may include hair and feces -- and determining that they do not, in fact, belong to an unknown mythical creature.

Disotell has a lot to say about those samples, and luckily, you can hear for yourself! The HuffPost Weird News Podcast above should be playing as you read this. And since you've read this far already, why not go to our iTunes page and rate and review us? We'd like to hear your feedback, and we want our bosses to think you care so we can keep bringing on awesome guests.

Thanks for listening, weirdos!

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